Every person has a responsibility towards their body. We must make sure our body is receiving a well – balanced supply of nutrients for our wellbeing. The necessity to achieve and sustain a healthy lifestyle cannot be overstated. Belonging to a developing country, we were all made aware of the consequences of malnutrition. If a body doesn’t receive the adequate amount of nutrients, it can lead to incomplete development, or degeneration of our body and mind.

The Indian diet is notorious for high levels of protein deficiency. This can lead to people feeling weak, or fatigued. Studies say that our food can only provide 50% of our protein needs. This percentage plummets even further for vegetarians.

Supply6 wants to combat nutrition deficiency by improving the quality and the quantity of nutrition intake. Supply6 offers you a wide variety of revolutionary lifestyle supplements, all of which are judiciously packed with six essential nutrients – protein, water, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals, hence, the name Supply6.


Supply6 is an inclusive company that manufactures diverse products to suit every lifestyle. Our products cater to the fitness freaks, the youth, and the everyday working man. We, also, manufacture certain tailor made products for diabetics, without compromising the nutritional value. Our products aid in brain development, muscle mass, body strength, bone density, and anti – ageing.


Supply6 takes pride in creating and developing unique formulas, and using ingredients derived from accredited foreign sources. Our team of leading industry experts make use of cutting – edge technology to develop tailor – made formulas to suit every lifestyle. Our top – notch formulas ensure that we use the safest raw materials and ingredients, sourced entirely from vegetarian products. Every product of ours comes packed with the right blend of nutrients and taste to keep our customers healthy.


It is no myth that nutrition supplements are downright tasteless or un – palatable. However, Supply6 is very keen on making nutrition a tasty affair. Imagine a snack that is delicious, as well as nutritious. Our perfect blends can be just as tasty as your favourite bar of chocolate, or biscuits, with the added bonus of preserving your health.


Unlike other brands, which are known to implement unsafe and harmful doping practices to increase the potency of their products, Supply6 is conscious about the health of it’s consumers. Our products are developed with the necessary safety precautions, and our ingredients are sourced from accredited suppliers only. Our company code of ethics guarantees that our consumers can use our products with the utmost confidence.

Athletes might, unknowingly, consume these banned substances, through their supplements, and upon accumulating a high enough concentration of it, end up with a positive test during a doping examination.


Supply6 strives to make nutrition convenient and easy – to – consume. Our ‘Health in a Pack’ products are very handy and accessible, so, you and your family can stay just as healthy as any athlete by, simply, biting into a chocolate, or sipping a tasty milkshake. No longer do you have to muddle your life with complicated protein mixes which have to be administered cautiously at prescribed intervals.

A Community

We at, Supply6, strongly maintain that ‘Nutrition is for everyone.’ In accordance with our maxim, our company is involved in battling malnutrition in our country. We pledge to provide a meal, for a person in need, for every product that you’ve purchased. By implementing this One – for – One program, we want to enthuse you to join us in our mission to provide a healthy life for our citizens.

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