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One of the most potent and enriching communities for transforming your body is what Supply6 aims to create. Are you set to be part of this dynamic community?

What Do
You Get?

Instant earnings, exclusive tips, support, access to exclusive products, events and promotional activities. Well, what are all these? This is what you get by being an Affiliate by Supply6!

How Does
It Work?

All those who intend to be a Supply6 Affiliate need to register themselves to begin with. Once you are an affiliate, there’s simply no stopping you from earning as you wish! Just a click of a button on various social media, and a post that speaks for the Supply6 family is all you need to do! Each reference from you will be tracked and you will be entitled to up to 20% of the revenue generated by you! As simple as that. More the effort, more the money – lesser the time to get richer!

24/7 Support

Once you become part of the Supply6 community, you will be treated to some exclusive content that is shareable with your followers, and exciting deals that will make anyone you know come back for more! You may also personally get in touch with us for exclusive, subjective support!

Commission Structures

New Customers – 12%
Returning Customers – 8%
Revenue generated over Rs. 1,00,000 – Extra 3%

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We believe that powerful decisions need to be made at the right time! Why wait? Join the Supply6 community now and reap the benefits of being an affiliate.

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