Oats Payasam/Kheer Recipe 🍲🍲

Oats Payasam/Kheer Recipe 🍲🍲

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Oats payasam/kheer is an Indian milk pudding with the goodness of nutritious dates, healthy oats, almonds and hint of cardamom in every slurpy sip! Added jaggery (unrefined cane sugar) gives it an earthy sweet flavor unlike plain sugar. This oats payasam tastes delicious and can be made in just minutes. Supply6 100% diet oats roast it…

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Fruits and Oatmeal Breakfast Recipe!

Fruits and Oatmeal Breakfast Recipe!

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Fruits and Oatmeal Breakfast Recipe My Fruit and Oatmeal Breakfast recipe is a dairy free option to jumpstart your morning. Oatmeal topped with fresh beautifully colored fruit and a little sprinkle of coconut flakes will help your taste buds wake up for sure. Oatmeal for breakfast is my all time favorite because it keeps me full…

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