How to make Supply6 smoothies: Nut-Ella love

Fruits, nuts, seeds, berries, ice cream, and milk (dairy or vegan) are just a few of the items used in shakes. 

Various flavorings, spices, cookies, and herbs can be added to milkshakes to make them unique. In fact, you may have a lot of fun experimenting with different add-ins to find the greatest one for you and your family. 

Many people's favorite milkshakes never change. In addition to cafés and restaurants, these milkshakes are widely available. 

What if you could recreate the same flavor at home with only a few simple ingredients, and do so in a healthier manner?

So here's a delicious and nutellicious SUPPLY6 recipe just for you!

We all are lowkey fans of Nutella and love to lick it off a spoon or include it in our meals. We also like to decorate some desserts and shakes with dry fruits. 

The recipe contains both of these benefits with a great flavor and the wholesomeness of SUPPLY6 meal! It's gluten-free and vegan, thanks to the use of plant-based milk.

The vanilla flavor of our SUPPLY6 meal is incredibly mouthwatering, especially with the addition of our all-time favorite Nutella and even chocolate chips! Milkshakes and smoothies love to experiment with flavors, and this recipe is no exception!


This Supply6 recipe is also healthy and delicious, making it the ideal beverage for a rapid energy boost throughout the day! It's tasty, and it's loaded with the six essential nutrients our bodies require. It's also wonderful for raising energy levels. It is also vey filling and can be prepared within just a few minutes with the help of SUPPLY6 wholesome meal! 


- Almond milk (one glass)

- 1 vanilla meal SUPPLY6

- a handful of cashews (dry or soaked)

- a handful of walnuts (dry or soaked)

- 2 tablespoons Nutella

- a handful of chocolate chips

 How to make SUPPLY6 Recipe: Nut Ella love: 

Step 1 - Collect all of the materials listed above, as well as a blender or a mixer.  Now, in a blender, combine all of our delectable ingredients.

Step 2 - Now we'll spread Nutella on our glass and pour in the prepared milkshake.

Step 3 - Now, to make your tummy happy, fill it with this nutellicious smoothie! :)

Step 4 - How simple this SUPPLY6 recipe was to prepare, and it tastes exactly as fun as it sounds!

Would you not like to try this wholesome SUPPLY6 recipe which is so easy to make and happy for the tummy? Keep an eye out for more SUPPLY6 recipes that you'll enjoy! 



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