28 days Slim Plan

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  •  Lose up to 2kgs/week

  • Carefully structured plan

  • Less than Rs.120/- per day

  • Free shaker and guide


Supply6 28 days Slim Plan is a one stop solution for all those who are working towards weight loss and are looking for an incredibly effective lifestyle change to facilitate the same. The effectiveness of the slim plan directly goes in hand with the keenness with which the plan has been structured and this, will be the end of all your weight-loss woes.

What does the 28 days slim plan include?

The diet Plan offers a combination of the best weight loss products, including natural supplements that add value to your body and nurture it effectively. With elements that are light on the body, yet providing high levels of nourishment, the Slim Plan has a well-crafted menu.

1. 100% Diet Oats x 1kg: With enough servings for the entire month, the Supply6 Oats has to

be consumed a minimum of 5 times a week!

2. Premium Whey Protein Isolate 90% x 1kg: A perfect replacement for your dinner!

3. 1 Green tea extract x 60 Capsules: A natural booster to help you burn the extra fat, even while you're asleep.

4. The Slim Plan Diet Guide: A one stop solution for all the instructions, and queries

regarding the slim plan!

5. Dedicate support from our leading Nutritionists.

What is the science behind the 28 days Slim plan?

The beauty of the Slim Plan lies in its scientific approach. Lower calorie intakes are specially designed to facilitates faster weight loss. It is a complete diet for weight loss that ensures maximum results.

How much weight will I lose in 28 days?

Following the fat loss diet plan with complete dedication can help you lose upto 2kgs/week.

How does the diet plan work?

Unlike most of the fat loss diet plans available, Supply6 uses a complete meal approach that includes breakfast and dinner. This 360 degree approach makes the 28 days slim plan one of the best diet plan for weight loss.

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