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Cucumber Mint Treat

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As we continue with giving you solutions for the summer heat, the things you hear from us will only be exciting. The same applies to the learning of making new coolants that will calm your body – like the fantastic Cucumber Mint Treat!

Taking care of your hydration and keeping you cool, this is a must try for the upcoming months!

There’s really nothing that’s more cool that making your own cool stuff! And the best part is, it hardly takes any time and can be made on a daily basis! Why don’t you try it today?


1 cucumber, medium sized, peeled, chopped into quarter pieces

1 cup curd

4-6 mint leaves, fresh

Salt to taste


1. Put the cucumber in a blender and add the curd, salt, and about 1 cup water. Blend until smooth

2. pour the juice into glass and serve chilled, topped with scissor-cut mint leaves

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