During my early twenties, I was highly enthusiastic about workout regimes and consuming a balanced diet. I used to drink various protein shakes and eat only home-cooked meals whenever possible. All of this changed when I went for my Masters in London. The demanding course curriculum left absolutely no time to think about exercise and cooking. Sometimes I used to just add a few fruits, veggies and seeds into the blender and drink my blended meal.

After returning to India to start up on my own, the days got even busier and I lost close to 7kgs in a matter of months. This is when I started exploring a tastier alternative to my “blended meal”. With Supply6’s range of protein supplements catering only to the Fitness enthusiasts, it dawned on me to create a meal for everybody including myself.

With Shambhu leading Marketing and Rahul leading Operations & Partnerships at Supply6 we’re all set to put an end to unhealthy food habits of people. As of today, we’ve been incubated in IIM-B NSRCEL and Silicon Road, Mysore. With a terrific team and a product that everybody loves, it is not long before Supply6 becomes a household name. 

– Vaibhav Bhandari, Founder & CEO

Our Team

Vaibhav Bhandari

Rahul S Jacob

Bridreth Khokhare