L – Glutamine

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  •   Fermented Glutamine
  •   Enhances muscle recovery
  •   Promotes Gut health
  •   Easy Mixability
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What is the L-Glutamine?

L – glutamine is an essential amino acid which is found in meat and fish. Although the body itself produces its own glutamine, high levels of activity and stress demands more glutamine. The L-Glutamine from Supply6 is a product that is essentially made from a fermented source, intended to keep the body active for longer hours, by reducing the soreness in the muscles, enhance protein synthesis and replenish the muscles. Used by athletes and gym-going active individuals alike, it is an essential supplement.

What are the benefits?

Starting off with the afore-mentioned benefits of the product being immensely useful for the reduction muscle soreness, and replenishment, the supplement is an immense immune booster. With intense levels of activity, the immunity in the system can take a hit as the WBCs in the blood tend to reduce in number. However, the use of glutamine ensures to power these WBCs to retain their potency. It also promotes the health of the guts and improves the digestion process by many folds! Hence, the L-Glutamine is a total package of power and strength.

How is the Supply6 L-Glutamine different?

Made out of a fermented source, it has great bio availability and the Supply6 L-Glutamine has great instant solubility, while it also enhances catabolism in the body in a big way. With 5 grams of glutamine in each serving, the product draws its energy completely from vegetarian sources. The Supply6 L – Glutamine comes in an exotic pineapple flavour, making it an tasty drink when added to water. Additionally, the Supply6 L- Glutamine has no added colors, is made of minimal sweeteners and goes well with all protein shakes and other beverages phenomenally well!

When should I consume the Supply6 L-Glutamine?

The L- Glutamine can be consumed at any time of the day, especially after lunch. For Fitness enthusiasts, the suggested use is right after an intense workout or between a small break that you may take during the workout. This will ensure that the body is fit and ready for the next set of workouts or the next day! That’s our idea- to keep your ever-ready for an intense workout!

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  1. Rated 4 out of 5

    Sanal Anto

    Item was delivered in good time and was according to the specs.

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