Premium Plant Protein

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  • 25G quality Protein per serving
  • Made from Natural Peas Protein
  • No gluten, sugar and lactose content
  • Zero added Sugar
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What is Supply6 Premium Plant Protein?

The premium plant protein from supply6 is a Protein shake that all you vegans will fall in love with! Made out of the finest sources, the plant protein makes your life easy, light and absolutely energetic. If you are a vegan who falls short on the essential nutrient supply that a non-veg eating person gets, this is the solution – an effective solution.

When do I consume? 

For best results come in when you consume it at least once post work-out and within 15 minutes after your workout. This enhances muscle recovery. 

How is Supply6 Premium Plant Protein different? 

It is the purest form of Protein that is derived from 100% vegan sources and has absolutely no side effects, just like all supply6 products.

Many of you might imagine eating raw vegetables as soon as you hear of plant protein. It’s true in the sense of its nutrition while on the taste’s end, we’ve come up with the tasty belgian chocolate flavour to make it easy for one and all to consume with joy.

What are the benefits? 

  • High amount of protein intake 
  • Ideal for those who are Lactose Intolerant
  • Easy blending facilitates nourishment on-the-go 
  • Easily digested



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