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S6 Daily Plan

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  • Helps reduce Stress
  • Improves energy
  • Fights heart diseases
  • Improves overall health
Estimated delivery between 2019/10/23 - 2019/10/24

Why the S6 Daily bundle? 

We know for sure, that, of all problems human beings are facing today on the planet, bad lifestyle tops the list. Your regular routine of falling sick, having pain in many part of the body, getting prone to ailments that take long to cure, lack of sleep, stress and many such problems are a direct consequence of a very bad lifestyle.

 We all know how each one of us hustle to make it big in the world. But hey, without taking care of yourself, how could you expect your body and mind to cope with the external pressure that you put it through?

 Well, we’ve got a solution for that too – and it’s called the S6 Daily Bundle.

 Who is it for? 

 This one is for the star employee who works over night, to end up getting a sleep disorder. This is for the active boss who has to work for 18 hours in a day. This one is for the working mother who need an hour or two extra in a day. And finally, this is for anyone who is slogging it hard out there, without having the time to look at your own self.

 What does it offer? 

 The Supply6 Lifestyle bundle is a unique formula for the enhancement of one’s energy. With the combination of the best of the Supply6 nutrition, it truly impacts one in a powerful way. Here’s what it contains.

  • Supply6 Premium Whey Nutrition drink – A powerhouse of energy

  • Spirulina tablets – The best source of raw energy. Rich in antioxidants to protect you from various health diseases.

 With these elements entering the health journey that you’re set out on, there’s no room for worry.

 Still have some doubts? Get in touch! 

 Well you know, health is something personal and intimate to each one of us. We understand that aspect of your concern and are available to your over the call, in case you have any queries.


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