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Teen Nutri Gummies


  •   Fortified Vegetarian DHA
  •   With essential vitamins
  •   Great taste
  •   Low in Sugar
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What is the Teen Gummy?

The Supply6 Teen Nutri Gummy is a tasty snack formulated to be a healthier option for teenagers looking to grab a quick bite. The Teen Gummy was made specifically to deliver those nutrients that teenagers might miss – out on, because of their busy schedule.

What makes the Teen Gummy unique?

The Teen DHA and Multivits gummy is the first vegetarian DHA in the market, making it any ideal choice of DHA for vegeterians. The Teen Gummy also contains folic acid and essential vitamins like A,C,E and B12, essential for teen development.

The Teen Gummy is a convenient package of assorted nutrients that teenagers can carry on their person. It can be consumed at school, or during commute, or before any physical activity to get a boost of energy. It is available in Raw Mango so, in addition to supplying their bodies with essential nutrition, teenagers can, also, satisfy their taste buds.

How the Teen Gummy will help you?

Teenagers require a healthy amount of fibers to better absorb nutrients. The Teen Gummy contains Fructooligosaccharide fibers, which support probiotic growth in the gut, to improve the digestion and bowel movement.

The Teen Gummy is fortified with DHA. DHA is an omega – 3 fatty acid that is good for the heart, and essential for brain development in teenagers. Teen Gummy contains Folic Acid (Vitamin B – 9) and Vitamin B – 12. Folic Acid repairs DNA and supports hair growth. Together with Vitamin B – 12, Folic Acid bolsters the synthesis of nucleic acids and proteins. It also contains vitamins A, C and E in appropriate proportions to ensure newly formed cells function in a healthy manner.

The Teen Gummy contains Biotin. Biotin promotes hair growth by producing fatty acids that strengthen the health of the scalp.

When should I use the Teen Gummy?

In – between Meals – If you want to avoid over – indulging in unhealthy junk foods, the Teen Gummy is a healthy substitute for snacking in between meals. The high protein and nutritional content of the Teen Gummy will satiate your hunger. Also, the delectable taste will suppress your cravings, so you’re eating less in between meals


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