100% Diet Oats
100% Diet Oats

100% Diet Oats

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  • Enhanced weight loss
  • Enhanced intake of vitamins
  • High iron content
  • Minimal calories

Oats – a word that’s been ruling the fitness space for a long time now. With the ever-lasting impact of the foods that’s related to oats constantly growing, Supply6 intends to bring to you, the safest and most effective form of it.

What are the benefits of 100% Diet oats?

Used as a healthy alternative to high-calorie dishes that one may consume as part of their general diet, oats make a world of difference with its immense benefits to the body. With an ability to reduce cholesterol levels, maintain blood pressure, enhance digestion and the power to combat cancer and diabetes, oats are a blessing in disguise for the one who is concerned about his well-being.

 Supply6 brings to you, the quick and convenient Oatmeal that will tackle all your nutritional problems! With this Supply6 Oatmeal being added to your diet, you’re doing a great help to yourself.

Made from Real Food Ingredients

Supply6 is made from a carefully selected blend of Oats, Rice, Green Peas, Sunflower Seeds & Coconut that gives it a complete nutrition profile.

Tasty Healthy “Fast” Food

No more skipping meals or eating un-healthy. In today’s busy world, we need a meal that is fast and healthy. The Supply6 meal is all this and more.