Green Tea extract capsule (400mg)
Green Tea extract capsule (400mg)

Green Tea extract capsule (400mg)

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    •  Facilitates weight loss

    • Enhances immunity

    • Promotes heart health

    • Keeps the skin healthy



What is the Supply6 green tea extract? 

Green tea has been every person’s go-to substance if they have to instantly lose weight and retain their immunity at high levels. The Green Tea is offered in a concentrated form in the form of a capsule, that can be consumed on the go!

 The capsules can be consumed before you have your meal and then, just wait while the magic unfolds itself.

Why Supply6 Green tea extract? 

 Supply6 offers the greatest quality of pure green tea extracts, while maintaining high levels of safety. The Supply6 Green tea extract capsules are 100% natural, making it one of the best green tea in the market.

Benefits of Green tea:

    • Aids in Weight loss

    • Promotes heart health

    • Easy to consume

    • Reduces the risk of cancer

    • Helps in lowering blood sugar

    • Rich in antioxidants

When do I consume it?

At Bedtime: Consume it right before going to bed for maximum results.

Before Breakfast: 30 minutes before having a meal is the ideal time for the consumption these capsules.