Premium Whey Protein 80%
Premium Whey Protein 80%
Premium Whey Protein 80%
whey protein concentrate
Premium Whey Protein 80%
Premium Whey Protein 80%

Premium Whey Protein 80%

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  • Purest Form of whey from the USA

  •   25G Protein per serving

  •   6.9G BCAAs

  •   Exotic flavours


What is Premium Whey protein 80%?

Its incredible compositions make the Premium Whey protein concentrate 80% an ultimate, pure source of energy. It is suitable for all those who wish to live and maintain a lifestyle of the highest quality. Taken from the finest sources, the whey comes from the USA and is rich in protein and BCAA content. Well it’s the iconic WPC 80 from Supply6 comes in exotic flavours -  Vanilla Smooth and Belgian Chocolate, to put it simply. 

When do I consume it? 

It is one of the few drinks that can fit in to your diet at any point in time. Ideal situation would be to consume it after or before an intense physical routine. However, you can also have it along with your breakfast each day. 

How is Supply6 Premium whey protein 80% different? 

With minimum fillers, an exotic taste like no other, the Supply6 whey protein concentrate uses only premium quality whey from USA. This results in making it seriously delicious, and facilitates instant blending. Coming to you directly from the manufacturing plant, it is safe and affordable. 

What are the benefits? 

  • Promotes Muscle growth: The Premium Whey protein 80% is a powerful addition to your diet as it helps in muscle building and improving strength.

  • High Protein & BCAA: 25 Grams Protein and 6.9 Grams BCAA per serving is an outcome of the pure nature of this product. It ensures you're one step ahead all the time in being fit.

  • Delicious Taste: Keeping in mind the requirements of the taste buds, The Supply6 WPC 80% comes in two delicious flavours and has zero added sugar for the calorie conscious. This makes it the best tasting low calorie Whey protein in the market.

  • Instant Mixability: You need not wait till the mix settle dissolves in your drink. It is just a matter of seconds before your normal drink becomes highly nutritious!