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taster pack

Rs. 399.00
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(Inclusive of all taxes)

taster pack

Rs. 399.00
| /
(Inclusive of all taxes)

An easy-to-make wholesome meal that’s delightful to the last drop. Packed with 6 essential nutrients sourced purely from vegan ingredients, all you have to do is add 300ml of water to the bottle and your meal is ready to be relished!

Please add the discount code TRYSUPPLY6 on the payment page to get your two meals free. Standard shipping costs of 150 INR apply for all Taster pack orders across India. Cash on delivery is available for orders above 500 INR only.


wholesome meal

406 calories

Keeps you full for 3+ hours

20g protein

From plant based ingredients

0 added sugar

For a guilt-free indulgence

49g of carbohydrates

Slow release for lasting energy

18.5g of healthy fats

From coconuts and sunflower seeds

27 vitamins & minerals

About 30% of your daily requirement

it's wholesome,
it's time saving,
it's real food.

Have your meal ready and on-the-go with Supply6. Put an end to skipping breakfast or any other meal of the day even when you’re running on a tight schedule. With Supply6 you can now save up on expensive takeaways and meal prep helping you focus on what’s important.

wholesome happiness

what goes into making a
Supply6 meal?

Low on calorie and high on protein. Also provides vitamins,minerals and antioxidants.
A great source of energy with zero sodium and barely any fat.
The healthiest whole grain with high protein and antioxidant content.
Energy booster that's rich in health fats and several vitamins and minerals.
Highly nutritious and an excellent source of vitamins,minerals, amino acids, electrolytes and much more
A good source of dietary fibre with high amounts of proteins, carbohydrates and minerals.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 81 reviews
Abhinav Jain
Wrong order sent

I quite like your product
But I had ordered 2 vanilla sets of 20 and one set of chocolate
I was rather sent 2 of chocolate and one of vanilla
I let it go because I will eventually order more, but I want to raise this point of negligence to your attention

Sohaib Mehmood

taster pack

Sankalp Saraf
Not too bad!

The flavours being vegan protein come with acquired taste, however it’s much better than other options on the market. The solubility and meal replacement is quite good, but I feel it’s better to blend it with almond butter to make the taste better. Would definitely buy again

Aaditya Pitke

Good taste.

Tushar Nagar

taster pack

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