India is a country that is seeing a sudden change in the field of sports. People from various backgrounds, various small towns are taking over the world with their sheer talent. The infrastructure for sports is getting better by the day and one such important aspect of the sports infrastructure would be the nutritional support. Supply6 recognises the need and the gap in this particular aspect and hence, we are formulating systems for the nurturing of the athlete both in terms of physical strength and economical strength.

The sports field in the country is massively growing. Across many sports, the talents that are surfacing are setting the tone for a bright future in sports for the country. In this effort, many sportsmen toil and often deprive themselves of many social amenities and it may sometimes get tough to support their journey.

What Are
We Exactly Doing?

After the successful Teen Athlete program that is nurturing many young talents that represent the country, Supply6 has come up with a solution for athletes who have represented their states or the country, to have easy access to premium nutrition at a subsidized rate. By becoming a Supply6 Athlete, every sports professional in the country can avail world class nutrition at a special rate – just for them! That means, they can avail all the products at 30% discount – without any terms attached!

Along with this, Supply6 offers a method for them to easily earn while they train in their respective sports! This is possible by becoming an affiliate and carrying the Supply6 brand with you.

Do You Get?

By becoming a Supply Athlete, you get all the products at 30% discount. You can also earn based on the referrals from your network! It’s really simple.

  • Apply for the program and get selected.
  • Post content on social media
  • Share the dedicated code to your followers
  • Earn up to 20% of every purchase made using your code!
  • The privilege of being the face of one of India’s premium brands.
  • Exclusive access to all Supply6 products, events, and collaborative efforts.

We’ve Got Your Back!

If you’re a budding sportsman, this is the right program for you! Apply now and we will definitely a fair and just selection. Just remember, if you’ve got it in you – we want you!

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