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The Apple Treat!

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Oh well, we’re getting back to the basics this week in the recipe. What is it? An apple a day keeps a doctor away! Yes, in this recipe, we are doing something fun and tasty with Apples! Let’s just get straight into it without bothering about the nutritional impact of apples – we all know that don’t we?


2 apples

½ cup coconut

¼ cup of groundnut candies (chikki)

¼ cup of raisins


How to make it?

Cut the apple into small pieces and then grate the coconut separately. Break the chikkis into tiny pieces (as per your preference). Mix the apple pieces, coconut, chikkis and raisin together and toss the bowl until you reach a consistency. Add honey to taste and mix well.

The apple salad is ready to be eaten! It’s really simple and easy to make it, and equally powerful in its effect on the body! Try it now!


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