5 Best Foods to Eat for Healthy Hair

5 Best Foods to Eat for Healthy Hair

Having long, lustrous, and thick hair is a dream for many. However, our unhealthy lifestyles have made this ‘dream’ remain a dream. ‘We are what we eat’ certainly upholds what it means in these cases. Whatever goes in reflects on the outside. How we treat our bodies is bound to show on the outside sooner or later. So if you’re trying to improve your hair, then start with the body.

Hair-fall issues, receding hairline, and thinning hair are just a few of the widespread concerns people face today. We do many things for good hair, from hair masks and hair spas to regular massage sessions. But merely treating the problem from the outside isn’t the best solution out there. 

We’re not discouraging you from doing everything you already do, but diet plays a significant role in bringing your efforts to fruition. It’s somewhat like providing a plant with ample sunlight and water but no fertilizer. The plant is bound to wither sooner or later. Reforming your diet is a crucial step that can’t be overlooked. As necessary as it is to nourish your hair from the outside, it’s equally necessary to nourish it from within.

  1. Beans and lentils

You can do nothing better for your hair health than to include plenty of nutrient-dense, whole foods in your diet. This applies especially in the case of foods rich in protein. A diet deficient in protein is the beginning of all hair-fall issues. Since keratin is the main protein that makes up your hair, it makes sense why protein is an integral part of your diet. To add to the benefits, protein also helps fight off dryness and hair damage. However, ensure that you consume protein in moderation, for your scalp can suffer from a protein overdose. Protein overdose can make your hair brittle and leave them very rough.

  1. Spinach

Spinach is another excellent option for maintaining healthy hair. It is a rich source of Vitamins A and C, iron, and folate. Iron, in particular, is crucial for maintaining healthy hair, as it aids in the growth of hair follicles. The best way to take in all of the goodness from spinach is by consuming it raw. Add it to your salads and smoothies to add that extra goodness. 

  1. Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are tasty, healthy, inexpensive, and a very low-maintenance but high-in-goodness vegetable. They are rich in beta-carotene that produces vitamin A in the body when consumed. Vitamin A is another essential nutrient when it comes to hair growth. While a deficiency of vitamin A is directly linked with hair loss, too much vitamin A can also cause hair loss. The key lies in moderation. Eating them twice a week is more than enough to help with healthy hair growth. 

  1. Hemp seeds

Hemp seeds are an underrated superfood. People are still getting acquainted with how wonderfully helpful hemp seeds are for overall health. Among the many benefits of hemp seeds, one is healthier hair. Hemp seeds are also rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids help promote hair growth by reducing inflammation in the hair follicles. Moreover, hemp seeds are also a rich source of protein, which is another excellent nutrient for maintaining healthy hair. 

  1. Mushrooms 

Vitamin D deficiency can lead to premature graying and hair loss. One of the best sources to include vitamin D in your diet is mushrooms. Vitamin D helps in stimulating growth in the hair follicles and prevents hair graying. Like the foods listed above, mushrooms are another great source of protein and are loaded with helpful antioxidants.

Final thoughts

That’s it for our list of the 5 best foods for healthy hair. Including these vegan foods for hair growth and thickness is bound to give you the desired results, as long as you follow a balanced diet and get plenty of exercise. Beautiful hair, here we come!