Supply6 360
Supply6 360
Supply6 360
Supply6 360
Supply6 360
Supply6 360
Supply6 360

Supply6 360

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Power up your mornings with all your daily micronutrients in the form of antioxidants, berries, greens, adaptogens, super fruits, and healthy seeds.

Improves Gut Health
Boosts Energy & Focus
Lowers Stress Levels
Boosts Immunity
Improves Bone Health
Supports Eye Health

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Zero Sugar
No Preservatives
Plant Based
Certified Manufacturing

One Sachet, Numerous Benefits!

Increases Energy Levels

Supply6 360 provides essential Vitamins (B, C) & Minerals (Magnesium, Iron and Zinc) that facilitate the metabolic process to derive energy from macro's.

Improves Digestion

Supply6 360 contains 3 Billion CFU Probiotics, Sunfiber (Prebiotic) and Digestive Enzymes that help break down the food and build healthy gut microbiome.

Overall Wellbeing

Supply6 360 contains antioxidants and adaptogens like Beta Carotene, Panax Ginseng and Maca Roots that reduce stress, increase mental sharpness and boost immunity.

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Know What Goes Into Your Supply6 360


Derived from Lutein, Beta Carotene, Astaxanthin & more


Such as Açai berry, Tart Cherry, Strawberries & more


Containing Beetroot, Spinach, Kale, Cauliflower & more


Derived from Green Coffee Beans, mushrooms & more

Super Fruits

Containing apple, pineapple, banana, pomegranate & more

Healthy Seeds

Containing Oats, Flax Seeds, Chia Seeds & more

Each daily serving of Supply6 360 contains


of your required daily Vitamin B12


superfoods, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients


billion CFU probiotics for healthy digestion


of required daily vitamin D

you have the questions, we have the answers

Pour the contents of the sachet to 120ml of water, mix well and consume.
360 tastes best when consumed with water. It can be mixed with any non-alcoholic and non-carbonated beverage of your choice. Avoid mixing with milk because it does not suit everyone.
Since some of the nutrients are made ineffective by heat, it is advised to mix it with lukewarm or cold water.
360 is made with 100% clean ingredients which means no side effects.
1 sachet has some nutrients that meet your RDA (Required Daily Allowance). Having more than 1 sachet a day exceeds this allowance. Do not consume in excess unless advised by a medical professional
Please consult a medical professional before consumption.
There might be a slight difference in taste due to seasonal changes of fruits and vegetables. However, this should be very minimal and not noticeable.
Each cylindrical box of 360 contains 15 sachets. Have 1 sachet daily.

Customer Reviews

Based on 131 reviews
L. C
Best start to the day!

Three generations of my family are regularly using these products. Remarkably, we are all seeing excellent benefits in terms of energy, digestive health and overall wellbeing. Clean ingredients and palatable formulae make this brand a fantastic choice for supplemental nutrition.

Deepti Mehta

Supply6 360

Sarath .
Tasty and easy to use

I am happy with the product. I have been using it since 15 days. I like the taste and it will be too early to speak about the results. I will be updating my review after using it for a month .

Shrey Vijayvargiya
Great product.

It has been great, been taking Suply6 360 for 6 months now.
I feel the energy difference.

Quicker results on Guthealth

Thr most important impact I saw is day2 gut health improvement. I have bought the same for my father, it helps him also. I am on month #4 of steady usage. I also betting on other nutrients, the impact may take time.