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wholesome meal

Rs. 1,350.00 Rs. 1,499.00 saving Rs. 149.00
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(Inclusive of all taxes)

wholesome meal

Rs. 1,350.00 Rs. 1,499.00 saving Rs. 149.00
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(Inclusive of all taxes)

An easy-to-make wholesome meal that’s delightful to the last drop! Packed with 6 essential nutrients sourced from 100% natural vegan ingredients. All you got to do is mix in the powder in a shaker with 300ml water and your meal is ready to be relished!

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it's not just a
liquid meal.
it's on-the-go nutrition

Whether you are at your desk, at the airport, in a cab or just on-the-go, Supply6 is there for you. Made with a wholesome combination of real foods, Supply6 gives your body 25 percent of your required daily nutrition in one serving.

wholesome meal

406 calories

Keeps you full for 3+ hours

20g protein

From plant based ingredients

0 added sugar

For a guilt-free indulgence

49g of carbohydrates

Slow release for lasting energy

18.5g of healthy fats

From coconuts and sunflower seeds

27 vitamins & minerals

About 30% of your daily requirement

wholesome happiness

what goes into making a
Supply6 meal?

Low on calorie and high on protein. Also provides vitamins,minerals and antioxidants.
A great source of energy with zero sodium and barely any fat.
The healthiest whole grain with high protein and antioxidant content.
Energy booster that's rich in health fats and several vitamins and minerals.
Highly nutritious and an excellent source of vitamins,minerals, amino acids, electrolytes and much more
A good source of dietary fibre with high amounts of proteins, carbohydrates and minerals.

feeding the hungry.
nourishing the nation.

Supply6 nourishing India project


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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Rohit Ghule
Very fulfilling

A full packet with water at breakfast is a replacement for full lunch.

Anand G

wholesome meal

Varun D
Great full meal alternative

Great product that you can use on the go. Easy to make and helps you avoid skipping crucial meals altogether.

Shardul Mahadik

wholesome meal

Sanjay Rao
Excellent product

It ticks all boxes, it delivers, all it promised. One day I experimented with three supply 6 sachets for the whole day. I didn't feel hungry. It sustained me. I had one boiled egg with one sachet each. From now on I will keep Supply 6 in stock at home for all eventualities (not feel like cooking, not well, for treks, for road trips or just for sake of convenience). My only quibble is that every time I order, it comes with a shaker. I did bring this to your notice in a mail from your web page, but no response to that. Now I have three shakers. I want to order another box for 20 but please do not send another shaker.

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