6 Healthy Meals You Can Cook in 30 Min

Healthy meals in under 30 mins

We are always searching the internet for easy, healthful, and quick to prepare dishes! We are frequently unable to select the appropriate ones. But don't worry, supply6 can assist you with some nutritious meals that can be prepared in under 30 minutes!

1. Watermelon Salad from the Mediterranean

Meal Type: Breakfast
Time: 15-20 minutes 
Ingredients: 10-12 olives, watermelon chunks, tomatoes, cucumber, yellow bell peppers, olive oil, salt and pepper to taste, sugar (if desired), mustard, and 2 tablespoons lime juice

To begin, in a mixing bowl with lime juice, combine the chopped watermelon, tomatoes, cucumbers, and bell pepper pieces. Stir in the sugar, jeera powder, salt, and pepper. Finish with a sprinkle of olive oil and the mustard paste. This recipe helps to decrease blood pressure while also benefiting the heart. 

2. Rice N’ Sprouts

Meal Type: Lunch
Time:: 10 minutes prep + 20 minutes cook time
Ingredients: 2 cups sprouts, 1 cup rice, salt, spices (to taste), veggies (peas, carrots, onion, capsicum, tomatoes)

To begin, cook the rice in a skillet with the flavors and spices of your choice. Sauté the sprouts you like with the veggies and spices in a separate skillet for a few minutes. In a mixing bowl, combine the rice, sprouts, and veggies. Before placing it in a bowl, cook for another minute. Voila!

3. Quesadillas with broccoli, bell peppers, and cheese

Meal Type: Lunch
Time: 18 minutes
Ingredients: 8 chapatis, 2 cups boiled and chopped broccoli, chopped capsicum, cheese, salt, and oregano 

Proceed to make 8 chapatis in your style. (If you’ve never cooked chapatis before, all you need to do is knead some dough with water and a bit of oil before popping it on to a hot pan)
Divide the vegetable combination, seasoning it with salt and oregano. Fill each chapati with the mixture and a slice of cheese. Fold them into a quesadilla and cook on a non-stick pan for 3-4 minutes. Your delicacy is ready!

4. Mashed potatoes with sautéed veggies

Meal Type: Dinner
Time: 17 minutes
Ingredients: Boiled and peeled potatoes, butter, salt (to taste), black pepper, fresh cream, parboiled green peas, carrots, and beans 

With the use of a sieve and a bowl, mash the boiling potatoes. Now melt some butter in a pan and add the mashed potatoes and parboiled vegetables to it, cooking for about 2 minutes. Your dish is now ready!

5. Noodles with broccoli and baby corn

Meal Type: Dinner
Time: 20 minutes
Ingredients: 2 cups Hakka noodles, boiling baby corn, spices (to taste), salt, vinegar, pepper, 1 tsp cream, chopped veggies- capsicum, onion, garlic, ginger, 1 tsp soy sauce, butter

Make Hakka noodles the same way you always do. After that, in a pan, add butter and cream to broccoli and baby corn (both boiled). Now combine your cooked and creamed vegetables with your noodles and you're ready to go!

6. Apple Moons

Meal Type: Snack 
Time: 10 minutes 
Ingredients: 1 apple, peanut butter, and granola (loose)

Slice the apple into crescents. Apply peanut butter to the exposed side now. To finish, press the slices against the loose granola, then freeze for 4-5 minutes before serving. VOILA!

Keep these incredible ideas for under 30-minute meals in mind whenever you want to eat healthily and fast! If you want a meal even quicker, try our supply6 healthy shakes, which include 6 vital nutrients in just one shake!