A Sample Diet for the Days of Pregnancy

a sample diet for the days of pregnancy

Heart disease, obesity, hypertension, and diabetes are all linked to eating a plant-based diet. Eating a variety of vegetables and avoiding saturated fat and cholesterol — both of which are present in many animal products — can be beneficial to your health. Is it, however, safe if you're expecting a child? 

A well-planned plant-based diet, on the other hand, may supply all you need at every time of your life, including pregnancy and lactation. 

Firstly, is a plant-based diet safe for you these days?
Preeclampsia (high blood pressure) and gestational diabetes are two pregnancy problems that can be avoided by eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. A plant-based diet during pregnancy may lower your baby's chance of developing some childhood disorders including asthma, eczema, diabetes, and possibly cancer. It may also lower the chance of neural tube abnormalities and brain cancers in some people. 

It's also important to remember that certain nutrients are required throughout pregnancy: calcium, vitamin B-12, iron, folate, omega-3 fats, zinc, protein, and vitamin D.

We've put together an example diet for you to follow for the entire day, as well as some snack ideas for when you are hungry at any time: 


  • Lime juice squeezed over avocado (with pumpkin seeds sprinkled on top.) 
  • A single cup of blueberries
  • Strawberries and granola on top of Greek yogurt
  • Lemon water
  • Chia porridge with banana mashed (Add pumpkin seeds, strawberries, blueberries, or any topping of your choosing.)


  • Vegetable-loaded whole-wheat spaghetti with olives on top
  • Soybean-potato curry with 3 or 4 chapatis (as per your wish) OR
  • Rice and red lentil curry


  • Baked seasoned tofu with quinoa and roasted veggies 
  • Soup with mushrooms and spring onions -vegetables, tofu, and fried brown rice 


  • Any type of fruit 
  • Mix of trails
  • Hummus with foxnuts
  • Coconuts
  • Ragi chips
  • Dates
  • Fruit smoothies that are healthy for you
  • Chipped bananas
  • Masala chickpeas, fried or roasted
  • Freshly squeezed fruit juices
  • Pomegranate seeds with foxnuts 
  • Salad with peanuts and fresh vegetables
  • Peach muffins made with whole wheat
  • Soymilk
  • Brownies made with sweet potatoes
  • Masala scramble tofu 

Also, do not forget to consult your doctor or dietician in case of any doubts you have!