Alternative Food Swaps for Calorie-Watchers

Alternative Food Swaps for Calorie-Watchers

Losing weight can be a struggle, and can get especially annoying when there are no healthy alternatives out there. Having restricted knowledge about nutrition can make it that much more difficult. More often than not, people struggle to lose weight because there are foods that claim to be ‘healthy’ but are actually detrimental to their health. This is especially true in the case of packaged food items. You end up sacrificing your health for convenience. When it comes to health concerns, packaged foods vouch for their nutritional value. Alas, not all of them can be trusted for their claims. 

This begs the question, what can you eat instead that would aid in weight loss? Well, that's what we’re here for. In this blog, we will be discussing alternative food swaps that will help you on your journey to lose weight.

  • Nut trail mix > Candy trail mix
  • Candies are among the most loved snacking options out there. And, when it comes to candy trail mix, oh boy, how can we refuse? Try and remind yourself that candy trail mixes can be seriously detrimental to your health, especially when trying to lose weight. They may not seem like much but they deal a decisive blow on weight. As tempting as candy is, a nut trail mix is a much better snacking option for you.

    Nuts are a great source of good fats, protein, antioxidants, and fiber. Even though nuts carry heavy calories, they can seriously aid in weight loss when consumed in moderation. Nuts don’t need refrigeration which also makes them a wonderful travel snack. Just roast some of your favorite nuts and oilseeds together and add some seasoning for taste. 

  • Hummus Spread > Mayonnaise
  • Mayonnaise is a widely used food item.  From being spread on burgers to dips for fries, it’s everywhere. What people don’t realize is that mayonnaise adds heavily to the unhealthy calories you’re already consuming. Mayonnaise is mostly fats, and not the good kind of ones found in nuts. And, when you are not mindful of your portions, the calories pile up.

    We would suggest going for a hummus spread instead of mayo. Made from chickpeas, tahini, olive oil, and garlic, hummus is a great alternative. It’s also a great source of plant-based protein, fiber, and heart-healthy fats. Pair it with a whole-grain snack or a salad, and you’ll be snacking on under 100 calories. 

  • Veggie chips / Popcorn > Potato chips
  • How many times have you found yourself extending out your palm when hearing a bag of potato chips open? Potato chips are the go-to snack for any situation, especially when it comes to mindless eating. However, that is also an invitation to loads of calories with zero nutritional value.

    Our pick would be to go for veggie chips or popcorn. Instead of deep-frying them in oil, you can air-fry, or better yet, bake your favorite vegetables. Baking your vegetables helps in keeping their flavor intact unlike when you deep-fry them. Another great alternative is popcorn. We suggest going for the unflavored, organic ones over the flavored or buttered ones. Pop them yourself to give you time to think about whether you’re actually hungry or you’re just eating it because it's there. Both these options not only save you those empty calories but also give you loads of nutrition and flavor. 

  • Unflavored cereal & oats > Flavored cereal & oats
  • Flavored cereals and instant oatmeal are two food items that could be found in almost every household with ease. They are the most common breakfast option and very convenient too. However, the added flavors and preservatives kill the nutritional value of these breakfast foods.

    We would suggest going for unflavored options for both. Unflavored oatmeal and cereal will retain their nutritional value as opposed to flavored ones. And let’s not forget they don’t have unnecessary added sugars. They can save you those extra calories you might consume from the added flavors and preservatives as well. 

    It’s time to swap your lifestyle for a better one

    We hope this list eases your search for foods that can provide you with both flavor and nutrition and help in losing weight. Do remember that the scale doesn’t define you, and keep your efforts consistent.  It’s the nutrition that should assume priority, not how you look!