Ayurvedic Food and the Doshas

Ayurvedic Food and the Doshas

The ayurvedic system of living focuses on overall human health (mental, physical and spiritual) through emphasis on diet and use of all natural produce. According to ayurveda the food we eat can be divided into 3 categories (Sattvik, Rajasik and Tamasik) and our diet must be curated by keeping our body type in mind. The body type is determined by dosha which are three in number - vata, pitta and kapha. The proportion of these fundamental substances fluctuate in the body according to the seasons, time of the day and digestion. They determine the growth, health, ageing and disease of our body.

Types Of Food





Pure and honest

Passion and movement

Laziness and ignorance


Light food

Rich food

Dull or sluggish food


It is soul food which nourishes the body and maintains a peaceful state of the mind.

This food stimulates fire within the body and promotes motion.

Food increases the inner darkness and takes a lot of energy to be digested.


It calms and purifies the mind and the brain, enabling them to function at their fullest potential

It promotes anger and restlessness and could destroy the mind body equilibrium.

It promotes anger and restlessness and will destroy the mind body equilibrium.


Best diet

Moderate diet

Worst diet


Grains, legumes, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds, honey and herbal tea

Too much spicy, salty and sour food. Coffee, alcohol, onion, garlic, ginger etc.

Frozen, microwaved, processed or fried food. Meat, fish, eggs, etc.


Is usually calm, serene and has a positive attitude. He is full of energy, hope and health and has a balanced personality.

Has a weak digestive system, is always in a hurry and has a rather unbalanced personality.

Is dull, unmotivated and careless. They are unaware and experience illnesses.

The three doshas govern the physiopathological, psychological and biological functions of body, consciousness and mind. An imbalance in any of the 3 leads to diseases and hence must be countered.

For example, an imbalance in the fire element (gives rise to heat in the body) is controlled by adding water element in the personalised diet of an individual.

Just like the universe, the human body too is made up of 5 elements. These elements can be found in different foods, like –

  1. Ether / space – green leafy vegetables,fenugreek, turmeric.
  2. Air – beans, cookies, cabbage.
  3. Fire – chillies, spices, ginger.
  4. Water – juice, buttermilk, watermelon.
  5. Earth – grains, root vegetables, mango.

When 2 of these elements combine, a dosha is formed.

A person can have one dominant dosha or can also have a combination of two or more. The three doshas are-




Space + air

Fire + water

Earth + water

It manifests the bodily air principle which regulates breathing, mobility, CNS and the PNS

It regulated the digestion and food assimilation process.

It controls heat regulation and the formation of mucus and saliva.

By taking a quick quiz you can know your dosha type and make yourself a diet plan that aims at balancing the aspects of your body that are causing you trouble or are missing from your diet.

The Ayurvedic system of diet is all about knowing your body well and taking charge of it to ensure that it is aligned with nature as much as possible.