Is Your Breakfast Really Nutritious?

Is Your Breakfast Really Nutritious?

A good breakfast is the start of a successful day. Taking a timely breakfast does you all the good in the world, including prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Did you know that breakfast is actually just ‘break’ + ‘fast’, that is you break the fast you’ve been on during your sleep. It is the longest span of time in the day that you go without eating, so never skip breakfast!

Okay, let’s say you are taking a timely breakfast everyday. But here’s a question - Is your Breakfast Really Nutritious?

Think hard; a Wholesome and Healthy Breakfast needs to be one with a balanced proportion of all nutrients. It should provide you enough nutrition to keep you going through the day. With the busy lifestyle we live these days, one often forgets to lay emphasis on the importance of the nutritional value of the meals they consume. 

Let’s look at 5 Indian Breakfast Options that people consume in India and find out whether they are Nutritious.

  • Parathas - Parathas are one of the staple breakfast options for North Indian people. And while they are any day better than junk food, parathas can absorb a lot of oil and result in a higher intake of fats and cholesterol. It is also high in gluten, and taking more than one or two can surpass your required calorie intake. Opt for ragi flour and less oil to healthify this meal.
  • Poha - A hot serving of poha with peas and groundnuts is a way breakfast healthier option than parathas. Poha is rich in antioxidants, vitamins like iron and is also gluten-free. It is easy on your gut and is a probiotic. However, it has a high count of carbohydrates, while being low on proteins. 
  • Idli Dosa - Being a fermented preparation, both idli and dosa are probiotics that are low on saturated fats. They provide an adequate amount of fat and carbohydrates and are gut-friendly meal options for those who need to check their fat intake. Idlis are the healthier of the two, being a steamed preparation. Dosas should be limited to one a day, as their calorific value can quickly cause a disbalance in your daily count.
  • Pav Bhaji - An all-time favourite meal for everyone, Pav Bhaji is notoriously high on carbs and fat. The pav is made of refined flour that does not go well on your gut. The bhaji might have some nutritional value, owing to the numerous vegetables that go into its preparation, but you’re going to have to replace the pav with something healthier. And cut back on the dollops of butter that go into this meal.
  • Upma - Another South Indian preparation apart from Idli Dosa is Upma. Made with steamed semolina, onions and spices, this dish is low on calories and keeps you full for longer intervals. It’s rich in fibre, minerals and carbs. But it is not a good option for diabetics and needs to be cooked in low quantities of oil or ghee. Adding different vegetables will increase its nutritional value. 

So apart from eating a timely breakfast, the nutritional value of the first meal of your day is of extreme importance. Let’s make a mental note to choose healthy options for our breakfast so we can have not just a wholesome meal, but a wholesome day!