A Harmful Diet Trend: Tapeworm Diet 

A Harmful Diet Trend: Tapeworm Diet

Have you heard of the Tapeworm Diet, which is a diet fad? Doesn't the phrase make you feel uneasy since we've always connected it with infections or diseases?

Or if you've heard of this trend that claims to help you lose weight and aren't sure if you should try it? You shouldn’t. Here we will explain what exactly it is and why it is best avoided!

First and foremost, what are tapeworms?

Tapeworms are parasitic, segmented ribbon-like worms that feed on their host's digestive tract. Humans, fish, dogs, cows, pigs, and sheep are among the numerous hosts they may infect. Humans usually get tapeworms through eating raw or undercooked meat from infected animals, but they can also get them via drinking contaminated water or eating food prepared by sick people.

What's the deal with this diet and trend?

Advertisements for tapeworms as a weight-loss aid from the early twentieth century show that tapeworms have been promoted as a weight-loss solution for almost 100 years, and tapeworms are being advertised and sold today despite the recognized health hazards. Individuals expect to lose weight by purposefully consuming these parasites and being sick, then taking medicine to rid their bodies of the tapeworm. Unfortunately, many people who take such drastic steps for weight reduction are unaware of the consequences. The dangerous habit of consuming tapeworms to lose weight should not be contemplated under any circumstances.

What is it, and how is it hazardous to us?

Taking a pill containing a tapeworm egg is part of the tapeworm diet. When the tapeworm egg hatches, it will grow within your body and eat anything you eat. The idea is that since the tapeworm absorbs all of your "extra" calories, you may eat whatever you want and still lose weight.

The tapeworm diet is identical to a tapeworm infection, which is exceedingly toxic and might do more harm than good. Consumption of a tapeworm or its egg is still considered an infection, even if done intentionally.

The following are some of the dangerous side effects of a tapeworm diet that might lead to death:

  1. Blockage of the bile ducts, appendix, or pancreatic duct, and neurocysticercosis which is a brain and neurological system complication that can cause dementia and visual problems.
  2. As well as disruptions in the operation of other organs in the body, such as the lungs and liver.

This clearly states it is just another dangerous diet trend that will lead you nowhere, and you should not try it! 

What other alternatives should you consider?

To achieve their weight-loss objectives, those who want to reduce weight should stick to safe, nutritious, and established eating plans. All persons interested in adopting a healthy lifestyle with proven long-term advantages should start by selecting a regular exercise program, increasing physical activity, and lowering their calorie consumption through appropriate eating habits. You may also try better diets like the plant-based, detoxifying, keto, liquid, and so on, which are completely safe!

Even if it arrives in the shape of a tapeworm, there is no miracle for weight loss. The safest and most efficient strategy to reduce weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle is to eat a nutritious diet and exercise regularly. Also, remember to keep your doctor or dietician up to date!