Filling every plate with complete nourishment.

Wholesome nourishment is in our DNA. As we make healthy and nourishing meals accessible to all, we’re also working towards making wholesome nutritious meals possible for the underprivileged too.

60K+ Meals so far

a unit you buy is a meal we serve

Global Hunger Index 2020

The index categorises India as a country with a hunger level that’s ‘serious’ with a ranking of 94 out of 107 countries. 14% of the Indian population was found to be undernourished ­– a percentage that’s bound to increase in the future. We, at TheGoodStuff, strive to do our bit in fighting undernourishment through TheGoodStuff Nourishing India Project.

Through a partnership with Samarthanam Trust for the disabled and other local NGOs, we’ve been delivering nutritious, wholesome meals to the undernourished population across the country. For every unit of TheGoodStuff purchased, we donate in tranches of 1000 meals to a local NGO.